A sound innovative idea?

Need some start-up support?

Subsidies, loans and risk-capital is available for innovative established entrepreneurs and start-ups in Zeeland. Funds from the government, the EU, the Province of Zeeland and private investors. Impuls Zeeland knows how you may qualify. Take the finance check here and make an appointment for an intake.

Interesting programs we support are

The Participation Fund Zeeland and InnoGo!, which targets young, innovative businesses. MIT-Zuid is open to SME’s in Zeeland.  OP-Zuid 2014-2020 aims to bring a €300 million investment impulse to the southern regions of the Netherlands. CrossRoads2 is an innovation program to stimulate cross-border collaboration between Flanders and the southern regions of the Netherlands.

Increase chances

We find proper guidance to funding very important. Successfully gaining funds means checking all the right boxes. Not just through business activities, but also in strategy and execution. Is the business plan well formulated? Is the network adequate? Is there enough management experience? It all matters. We personally work with you to optimize your plan or refer you to specialized business professionals. In many instances, Zeeland Financial Matching reimburses half of the expenses for a financial specialist. Especially starters increase their chances on the capital market by surrounding themselves with the right advice and support. For this purpose various Impuls network partners are standing by with a total support package. DOK41 has thought of everything to assist innovative start-ups and creative companies with a housing plan and program guiding each new business through the start-up steps in just three months. In short, everything you need for a flying start.

InnoGo! guides innovative starting entrepreneurs with coaching and funding. Investment Cluster Zeeland delivers a wide scale of services aimed towards various starting and growing businesses.